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Pocket Guide to Travel
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Remember to put together a suitcase.

5 saxophones in increasing size order, with an arrow pointing to the 2nd oneVarious salamanders, caecilians, frogs, and toadsCoral reef with many varieties of fishRoom full of medieval weaponry, including shields, swords, and pieces of armorBrown snake with a pattern of alternating black markings resembling a zigzag, on a field of rocksPinkish-white creature with lidless eyes, suspended in water against a blurry backgroundBombylius major sitting on a leafFirePortrait of a man wearing a laurel and a red cloak over a silver cuirass; the text 'IMP. I.' is in the top-right cornerCandle holder with three armsSchematic of an atom with 6 protons and 6 electronsArmored man with a red feathered helmet, red cape, several silver medals, and red shield. On the shield are four yellow wings, two straight arrows, and four zigzagging arrows emanating from the centerTwo cartoon duck heads with bow ties, one pink, the other decorated as the American flag; on a green circle against a yellow backgroundTwo black rectangular line segments intersecting, one horizontal, one vertical; the intersection is at the center of the horizontal segment and roughly a third from the top of the vertical segmentLuke Pasqualino in period armorPainting in which a man, dressed in lavish clothes on a golden chair and being served from a golden platter, looks above him at a sword seemingly suspended in midair. Behind him, an older man in red gestures to the sword with one hand and holds a scepter in the otherSharp point at the end of an insectRound red doll with a white inset featuring a face and some butterfly-like patterns and some golden patterns and Japanese text in the bottom and on the sidesAnimated boy in a running pose, wearing a black mask covering the areas around his eyes and a red skintight suit with black gloves and boots. In the middle of the suit is a yellow lowercase I on a black oval with an orange borderGray tree with leaves falling off and an arrow pointing to it, to the left of an evergreen treeMountain of scrap metal3D rendering of T. rexA collage of four images, clockwise from top left: a white folded fleece blanket; a white arctic fox; two pairs of fuzzy socks with faces being worn, the left pair being pink with white stripes and a spherical red nose, the right pair being white with a carrot nose; and a stuffed panda with rainbow markingsSmall splash created by water dropletLightning coming out of the end of a 3-pronged cableBrown eyebrow above left eye with blue irisWoman in a gymnastics bridge poseClockwise from top left: Indian peafowl, red junglefowl, golden pheasant, Chukar partridge, Gunnison grouse, wild turkey, great curassow, helmeted GuineafowlBlack-and-white photograph of a Native American (Apache) man kneeling and holding a rifleIllustrated light cyan sword with a black handle in the top-middle, silver ornamentation near the handle, and a bright cyan aura that arcs around the right of the handleA Disney cartoon man with orange hair, wearing a dark blue cape and dark orange Greek tunic and having a sword at his side, smiling and posingCartoon illustration of two bears; the larger bear on the right is yellow and is pointing at the purple bear to the left, who is holding a small yellow flowerIllustration of a fully armored knight in a brightly lit doorway that features rays emanating from a a yellow goblet and candlesBasket full of long green vegetables with lighter-green and white roots6 buff, shirtless men wearing jeansQueen Elizabeth II of EnglandMap of a country on the southeast coast of its landmass, split into 9 regions, one of which is colored in redHuman noseBlack-and-white still of a bald Max Schreck with prominent teeth, grasping a black mass behind a bedPerson standing in front of many red-and-white hurdlesA board game with the title obscured. The creators, Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback, and the subtitle, Little Songbirds, are visible. The ornamental card back and three cards are shown: a yellow card labeled 6. Goldammer / Yellowhammer, a green card labeled 6. Grünfunk / Greenfinch, and a blue card labeled 1 Buchfink / Chaffinch.Gray furry animal grasping several branches atop a tree. Its eyes are surrounded by mask-like black fur, which is further surrounded by white fur; its tail has black rings.Train traveling at high speedTwo people laying in bed, the left one has their eyes open and is covering their ears with a stack of pillows, while the right person's eyes are closed and zigzags are drawn around their mouthSand dunesNinja in a fighting pose with katanaA grayish-brown furry rodent with small paws and a prominent tapered snout sitting on a human fingerAnatomy diagram of human skeletonSun shining brightly in a blue sky with a few white cloudsPebblesMovie poster featuring a blonde actor in armor and a red cape wielding a hammer, with lightning bolts in the foreground, against a galactic backgroundBottle with a skull-and-crossbones label, with green fluid coming outPlanet with white and very light orange streaks against a black backgroundWoman with light brown skin and a substantial amount of curly hair
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The below information is for colorblind accessibility. Color IDs are assigned in appearance order.
PositionLetterColor IDColor hex codeColor description
1I1#b8a038dark gold
3G1#b8a038dark gold
4D3#e0c068light gold
5N4#705848dark brown
6T5#b8b8d0light gray
7T1#b8a038dark gold
8H5#b8b8d0light gray
9G6#705898dark purple
11M7#a8a878grayish yellow
12F8#a890f0light purple
15L5#b8b8d0light gray
16S6#705898dark purple
17G10#a040a0bright purple
18I10#a040a0bright purple
19P10#a040a0bright purple
20O8#a890f0light purple
21P11#78c850light green
22T11#78c850light green
25L12#98d8d8light blue
26E12#98d8d8light blue
27E13#6890f0medium blue
28È4#705848dark brown
29I14#a8b820light olive green
30P10#a040a0bright purple
31N7#a8a878grayish yellow
32M7#a8a878grayish yellow
34O8#a890f0light purple
35E13#6890f0medium blue
36U13#6890f0medium blue
37T14#a8b820light olive green
38É16#ee99aclight pink
39U13#6890f0medium blue
40L3#e0c068light gold
41A11#78c850light green
42G6#705898dark purple
43R4#705848dark brown
44L7#a8a878grayish yellow
45R11#78c850light green
46I10#a040a0bright purple
47S5#b8b8d0light gray
48I8#a890f0light purple
49P17#f85888salmon pink
50F16#ee99aclight pink
51B14#a8b820light olive green
53I12#98d8d8light blue
54L5#b8b8d0light gray