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Everything Everywhere All at Once
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Evelyn seems to have acquired some new powers...

During ____, Evelyn is brought in by the president for a consultation. Though he is initially at a loss, Evelyn eventually comes up with a plan to make a ____. Evelyn goes to ____, where he shows off how rich he is with all the gadgets he has.

Evelyn rides a bus into ____, where she is reunited with her mother and sister. During ____, she meets her future husband, who she feeds a purple herb to and buries briefly. After many fights with her husband, Evelyn uses a ____ and ends up in the hospital.

Evelyn is an aide to the ruler of ____. During ____, Evelyn finishes gathering a set of precious stones, giving him control of the universe. Evelyn also spars with the ruler’s son using a specialized ____.

At the end of ____, Evelyn rescues a man. Together, they search for a particular ____, which had been hidden away. Their search takes them to ____, where Evelyn snipes his rival with a transforming gun.

Evelyn uses a ____ he finds in ____ to defeat a queen. That queen had been sealed away during ____, when Evelyn sings his daughter’s childhood favorite song to her.

Several years after ____, Evelyn lets an alien take over his body, producing a very long tongue. Evelyn witnesses a boy use a ____. Later, Evelyn points a gun at several pregnant women in ____.

Evelyn meets a girl and her companion, and they show Evelyn the girl’s ____. Earlier, the girl saw something burn in the sky during ____. Evelyn drives them to ____ and transfers his power, including the strength of Hercules and the power of Zeus.

At one point, Evelyn locks himself outside and walks through ____ with only a ____. During ____, Evelyn shoots himself using what he thinks is an anti-gravity gun.

Evelyn lives in ____ and suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia. Her mental health suffers especially during ____, and she conceals her insect wings by making them look like tattoos. While working on her company’s newest product, a ____, she hears what sounds like a murder.

Evelyn frames a man by leaving his ____ at the scene of the crime. He is ordered to travel to ____, where he meets Evelyn once again. During ____, Evelyn stabilizes his quantum energy.

Evelyn goes home to ____, where he defeats some bullies by imagining a large fist. Later, during ____, a woman confesses the truth and leaves Evelyn. Evelyn searches for her, but only finds his ____ with a note of praise left by her.

Near a stage being constructed for an event hosted by Evelyn, a man has been staring at a poster for the past week, searching for a ____. At the end of ____, Evelyn sees his daughter kiss her ex, reuniting. The kiss takes place in ____, where Evelyn can previously be seen playing with a ball and killing a bird with it.

Evelyn trains for a match by punching a ____. The match is held during ____. On the day of the match, Evelyn enters ____, then chomps his opponent with his multiple rows of very large teeth.

During ____, Evelyn punches out someone’s soul and explains to them that it has been 17 years since the global catastrophe. Evelyn then gives a speech about a ____ and claims it is disorder. Soon thereafter, Evelyn watches in glee as she and the combatants around her enter ____, plunging them into darkness.

Evelyn is on an expedition with her brother. One night, Evelyn uses a ____ and accidentally awakens someone who had been sealed away during ____. Then the expedition returns to ____, where Evelyn awakens her psychic powers by almost drowning.

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