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A Practical Guide to Choosing a Team Name

Our team thinks this heavy noble gas could use some decoration.
Our team is trying to hunt, but we keep forgetting our passwords.
Our team harvests a single distinctively-shaped fruit.
Our team considers Lebanese trees to be holy.
Our team likes to cook tropical root vegetables in the oven.
Our team needs an alternative to stairs for our baby stroller.
Our team is having trouble controlling our coaches.
Our team airs our strong opinions on queer rights.
Our team thinks typesetting academic PDFs is the best thing ever.
Our team is going to hijack an electric car.
Our team used to go stare at this one beaver dam all the time.
Our team thinks freshwater turtles are happening.

Medieval Weaponry Hunt (6 3)
American Football Hunt (5 4)
Indigenous Americans Hunt (5 7)
Monopoly Hunt (4 7)
Inaudible Hunt (7 4)
Urban Dictionary Hunt (8 5)
Office Equipment Hunt (5 7)
Beatles Hunt (5 5)
Killing Eve Hunt (6 2)
Final Project Hunt (4 5)
Money Laundering Hunt (4 8)
Puzzle Hunt (4 6)